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Camp Nazareth Cabin Expansion Project Days 67-76 (1/29/16)

The Camp Nazareth Cabins are undergoing a major upgrade with this expansion. New bathrooms, showers, a large common room, covered front porches, and climate control (hvac) are just some of the planned upgrades.

The project is scheduled to be completed by April 1, 2016.

Photos show scenes from days 67-76 of construction: Jan. 15, 2016 - Jan. 28, 2016.

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Jan. 15 - Cabin 3 with it's "shell" on.
Jan. 15 - The posts are the area of the front porch.
Jan. 19 - A side view of a cabin's front porch. The covered front porches will be a great gathering area for the campers.
Jan. 15 - The cabin roofs continue to be sheeted.
Jan. 20 - That's a furnace for one of the cabins.
Jan. 20 - After the cabin floors are poured the plumbers have to go back and dig out some of their work.
Jan. 21 - The carpenters putting on the roof. The one on the right is proud of his Cleveland Browns hat.
Jan. 21 - In case you can't tell, this is a picture of the duct work. Heat and A/C travel along this "highway" in the attics of each cabin.
Jan. 21 - And this is one of the showers. There are 3 in each cabin.
Jan. 21 - Red concrete used to pour over the high voltage electric lines. Funny, this red matches the Camp red.
Jan. 21 - Here's the concrete pad for the new transformer.
Jan. 25 - And here is the transformer being brought to its place.
Jan. 25 - The transformer is big. It will actually handle the cabin expansion and pretty much anything else we decide to build at the Camp.
Jan. 25 - There will eventually be a door where this plastic is now. The plastic is like bubble wrap, so it's always a temptation to pop the "bubbles" when you're going in and out.
Jan. 25 - The transformer being placed over the conduit.
Jan. 25 -- It's a big transformer...more like a small cabin.
Jan. 25 -- After getting some snow inside the cabins before the roofs were sheeted, the workers needed to heat things up a bit to scrape up the frozen mud.
Jan. 25 -- Wrapping the duct work with insulation...keeping the A/C cool and the heat warm.
Jan. 25 - That's what they call a 2-hour firewall. Each cabin has to have a 2-hour firewall from floor to roof between the old part and new part.
Jan. 25 -- Quite a beautiful local sunset.
Jan. 27 - Spools of wire for the runs from transformer to cabins.
Jan. 27 - A shower stall in place...they're going to be great when finished.
Jan. 27 - What we have here is your basic scrap pile.
Jan. 27 - May not look much to you but those are a couple can lights up there...very exciting!
Jan. 27 - Good old "red, white and blue" plumbing lines.
Jan. 28 - Cabins A & B got their roof sheeted on a nice sunny day.
Jan. 28 - Putting more duct work in...John is about 6'2" tall and does most of his work standing about 3'6" tall.
Jan. 28 - We can feel the A/C in the summer already!!
Jan. 28 - A view from one side of a duplex through to the other. Soon it will all be dry-walled.