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Camp Nazareth Cabin Expansion Project Days 4-6 (10/28/15)

The Camp Nazareth Cabins are undergoing a major upgrade with this expansion. New bathrooms, showers, a large common room, covered front porches, and climate control (hvac) are just some of the planned upgrades.

The project is scheduled to be completed by March 1, 2016.

Photos show scenes from days 4-6 of construction: Oct 19-21, 2015.

A few of the photos are compliments of the camp drone.

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Oct 19: The Bathhouse is being expanded to house the new water treatment facility for the new well.
Oct 19: The ground being prepped and Cabins 4 & 5.
Oct 19: The old expression "That's a red flag" comes to mind. In this case it tells us where underground electrical wires are.
Oct 19: Finishing up the test well.
Oct 20: The drone camp in handy to give us a different perspective on the Cabin Expansion Project.
It looks like a big project when you're on the ground, but ...
...from here the project looks very small.
Oct 21: Pouring the footers for the Bathhouse extension.
Oct 21: Knee high rubber boots are required for this part of the work.