Photo Gallery

2015 Diocesan Camp Week - Tuesday, August 4

Pictures of Diocesan Camp Week 3 - Tuesday, August 4, 2015.
Tuesday's Morning Prayers.
"Lets get fired up!"
Making sure you stay inbounds can be a challenge during Seuss Soccer.
Arts & Crafts!
What a great day for a hike.
His Grace Bishop Gregory speaks with the Oldest Cabins.
Cabin B gets their teamwork on on the Islands.
Cabin 6 has to help one another on the Triangle.
Day 2 of Nitro Swing!
Faith Enrichment talks about Saint Mamas.
Moleben to St. Nectarios.
Anointing after the Moleben.
Father John offers the Blessing at the Festival.
Cabin A young ladies stop for a photo during the Festival.
Cabin A
Cabin 2
Jerry and Bob are back for Live Music during the Festival.
Some of the counselors sporting their new Staff Spirit Shirts.
Waldorf and Statler show up at the camp fire.
Campers singing along during the Campfire.