Photo Gallery

2015 Diocesan Camp Week 2 - Wednesday, July 29

Pictures of Diocesan Camp Week 2 - Wednesday, July 29, 2015
Couple of the Week 2 Seniors read the Epistle this morning during Morning Prayers.
Father Tom addresses the campers during Morning Prayers.
Angela enjoying her coffee, paper, and of course, Wednesday Morning Sticky Buns.
Father surprises the Counseling Staff with Counselor Room Checks by Pani Daria.
Team Huddle before Suess Soccer.
Sports field from above.
Just a spectacular picture of camp.
Campers working together.
Cabins A/7/8 spend time at the waterfall while the clergy bless it's water.
Cabin 2 boys working hard on their Arts and Crafts.
Ladies from Cabin 5 enjoying each other's company.
Very interesting session during Bishop's Time today.
Cabin 4 tries their team building with the Whale Watch.
Cabin 1 ladies help one another across the wires at the Triangle.
Cabin 3 gentleman are watching their balance on the Tee Pee Log.
Free Time is a great time to use the pool on a hot day like today.
And even a quick Siesta before Family Style Dinner helps recharge the campers and counselors batteries.