Photo Gallery

2015 Altarboy Retreat - Mon June 29, 2015

Photos show scenes from the second day of the 2015 Diocesan Altar boy retreat, Monday, June 29, 2015.
Fr. Luke spoke about serving the Lord in the context of one's family life.
"as Christians we need to care for all of the members of our family, especially the elderly.
Fr. Jim Dutko gave the altarboys a history of the newly renovated chapel to the Mother of God on the Seminary Grounds.
The altar boys then discussed the presentation in small groups.
Playing frisbee on the Seminary Lawn.
Fr. David Cochran spoke about the necessity to sing with strength and feeling during the morning Plain Chant instruction.
Fr. Mark Tyson offered a homily on Repentance at the conclusion of the Confession Service.
Plain Chant Instruction Class.
These young men can't wait to go to Sts Peter and Paul Church in Windber.
Diocesan priests at the Windber Recreation Park.
The ever-popular Windber Recreation Park.
Fr. Michael Chendorain gave a presentation on Serving God through parish outreach.
The faithful of Sts Peter and Paul served a delicious spaghetti supper.
Enjoying a game of Volleyball