Photo Gallery

2015 Real Break Slovakia Day 4

The day started in Svidnik at the military museum. Then the cultural museum, wooden churches then back at the orphanage where we distributed our gifts.
The outdoor Military History museum in Svidnik. The front lines of WWII went right through this area. It was an area that saw a lot of heavy fighting.
The iconic statue of the soldier at the Military History Museum.
The interior of the military history museum in Svidnik.
Carpatho-Russian cultural museum in Svidnik.
Some of the many wooden products produced in the area by the people of the area.
Kate and Photini stop for a photo at the cultural museum.
Pottery was one of the many highly decorative crafts produced by the people.
A sample of the pysanky art of the region.
These architectural masterpieces were one of the highlights of the trip.
One of the wooden churches visited.
One of the many wayside crosses which one can find throughout the Slovak countryside.
Real Break Slovakia 2015 poses for a picture.
An icon of St. Nicholas.
This photo shows how short yet beautifully intricate the Royal Doors of the icon screen were in this wooden church.
A mural of the crucifixion painted directly on the interior of the wooden walls.
A photo of the interior of one of the wooden churches visited.
A photo of a korba which is used during that part of holy week when it is not appropriate to use bells during services. This korba is from one of the wooden churches built in the mid 1600's.
The Real Break Slovakia members distributing their gifts to the families.
One of the families from the orphanage gets together for a picture and to say 'thank you'.