Photo Gallery

2014 Altar Boy Retreat - Mon June 30, 2014

Scenes from the second day of the 2014 Diocesan Altar Boy Retreat.

After a morning of study, group activities and a Plain Chant rehearsal, the young men enjoyed an outing to Sts Peter and Paul Church in Windber where they enjoyed the beautiful church grounds and swimming at the nearby Municipal Pool.
Clergy staff members enjoy felllowship at breakfast.
Father Andrew Fetchina gave a talk on the life of the Apostle Paul and how he put on the armor of God.
Father David explained the day's schedule.
Carpatho-Russian Ninja Warrior event: Captain Obvious competition,.
Carpatho-Russian Ninja Warrior: Liturgical Service Order competition.
Lunch at the Ed Center.
Outing to Sts Peter and Paul in Windber: A friendly game of softball.
Carpatho-Russian Ninja Warrier Obstacle Course Competition.
Carpatho-Russian Ninja Warrior: Ice Block Relay Race.
The members of the Diocesan Young Ladies Retreat joined the altar boys for dinner in Windber.
After Supper, Fr. Michael Zak gave a presentation on how Joshua of the Old Testament put on the Armor of God.
The older boys take part in a clergy rap on Fr. Michael's presentation.
Fr. Michael Zak makes a point during a Clergy rap session with some of the younger altar boys.
Fr. Luke Mihaly led the Penance Service at Sts. Peter and Paul Church for the altar boys and young women to prepare them for Holy Confession and the next day's Liturgy.
Graduating High School Senior Altar Boys.
Colin, a graduating high school senior, reflects on his many years of attending the Altar Boy Retreat.