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XXII Diocesan Sobor - Day 3 - Tuesday Oct. 22, 2013

The third day of the XXII Diocesan Sobor was spent in discussing the various proposals and approving the budget for the Diocesan Administration and Ministries.

The day concluded with a Grand Banquet at the Holiday Inn -Johnstown, held in honor of the 75 Anniversary of the Diocese.

Photos are courtesy of Nicholas Bocher and Susan Kalcik
Sobor Grand Banquet.
Seminarian Nicholas Mihaly, a member of the Johnstown Symphony Orchestra provided dinner music at the Grand Banquet.
Seminarian David with Deacon Art and parishioners from St. Nicholas Parish in Homestead, PA.
The Diocesan Board of Trustees prepare to process into the Banquet Hall.
Procession to the Head Table.
Bishop Gregory blesses the food and faithful in attendance.
The members of the Diocesan Consistory
The members of the lay Board of Trustees.
A lighter moment....
Some members of the Cathedral Parish in attendance at the banquet.
Protopresbyter Frank Miloro, Diocesan Chancellor, introduces the toastmaster, Very Rev. Fr. Jonathan Tobias.
Susan Semancik of St. Nicholas in Homestead led a delegation of children in presenting flowers to His Grace, Bishop Gregory.
Floral presentation.
Bishop Gregory gratefully accepts the flowers.
Protopresbyter Ronald Hazuda, Diocesan Treasurer, offered the toast.
Protopresbyter Lawrence Barriger offered the main banquet address on the history of the Diocese.
The faithful in attendance at the banquet.
Bishop Gregory offered words of welcome to the delegates and thanks to those who worked behind the scenes with the Sobor arrangements.
Very Rev. Fr. Miles Zdinak was recognized for his labors on the Sobor planning committee.
Romayne Laichak, a member of the Cathedral Parish, was recognized for her efforts in decorating the Cathedral Church and preparing the vestment display of the three former ruling Diocesan Hierarchs.
Susan Kalcik, a member of the Cathedral Parish, was recognized for her assistance behind the scenes at the Sobor.
Christ the Saviour Seminarians.
"Mr George" from St. Nicholas in Homestead, at age 99, was recognized as being the eldest Diocesan member in attendance at the banquet.
Pani Constance Miloro and Pani Betty Baranik of the Diocesan Chancery were recognized for the labors on behalf of the Diocese and in preparation for the Sobor.
Clair Nash of the Diocesan Chancery was recognized for her diligent labors in preparing for the Sobor.
Bishop Gregory expressed his joy at being present at the first Diocesan Sobor since his ordination as Bishop.
A beautiful 75th Anniversary program book was specially prepared for the occasion.
Dinner conversation.