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Jr. ACRY Mission Trip 2012 - Day 2

The work of the Mission Team began today, Wednesday July 11, 2012. It began with morning prayers at the Lived Theology School and continued with tea at the mission, a talk by Fr. Deacon Pawel and painting of the rear and side exterior walls of the mission.

The real work of the team, took place today at the table... as they sat amongst the members and guests of the mission. They discovered that what the poor and struggling need most is spiritual nourishment. Simply sitting and listening to the stories of the struggling souls, they affirmed their dignity as human beings and reminded them that Christ is truly in our midst...

Following Vespers and the evening meal, the team enjoyed an evening of site-seeing in Toronto.

Morning Tea.
Deacon Pawel gave a presentation about the work of the mission prior to the Sixth Hour Service.
" The meals we serve is only a small part of what the Mission is all about.... we aim to feed the soul of everyone who walks into the doors of the mission."
The painting continues.
Fr. Miles and his assistants
2 O'Clock is Tea Time at the Mission
Alyssa & Paul
Painting the back wall of the mission.
Vespers at the Mission