Photo Gallery

Holy Week 2011 At Christ the Saviour Cathedral

Deacon David Mastroberte proclaims the Gospel during the Palm Sunday Liturgy
Fr. Frank Miloro and Fr. John Brancho annoint the faithful at the conclusion of the Palm Sunday Liturgy.
Cathedral faithful received their palms and pussywillow branches at the conclusion of the Palm Sunday Liturgy.
Cathedral Altarboys distributed the blessed bread from the Palm Sunday Vespers Litya.
Fr. Frank Miloro reads 1st Blessing over the oil for the Unction Service.
Reader Michael Vaporis chants one of the seven epistles.
Fr. Matthew Conjelko chants one of the seven Gospels.
The clergy holding the books of the Gospels over the people.
Small Entrance During Holy Thursday Morning Divine LIturgy.
Will Bennett reads the Epistle Reading During the Holy Thursday Liturgy.
The Metropolitan's 40th day Panichida on Holy Thursday Morning Following the Vesperal Liturgy.
Father Frank Miloro Reads the First Passion Gospel.
Twelve Men Held Candles during the Reading of the Passion Gospels at the Matins for Holy Friday.
Children getting ready to process into the Good Friday Vespers Service.
Fr. Frank Miloro reading the Gospel at the Good Friday Vespers.
Priests carrying Holy Shroud in procession.
Children carrying instruments of the Passion in procession.
Children carrying the instruments of the Passion in procession.
Children carrying instruments of the Passion in procession
Children in procession.
Protodeacon Gregory Benc and Deacon David Mastroberte Processing in front
of Holy Shroud.
Children kneeling during the prayer at the Tomb.
Keeping watch at the tomb on Holy Saturday at Christ the Saviour Cathedral, Johnstown, PA
The cathedral priest remove the shroud of Our Lord from the tomb at the conclusion of the Nocturn service of Holy Saturday.
Beginning of Matins outside Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Johnstown, PA
Fr John Brancho censes during the singing of the third ode of the Paschal Canon
Protodeacon Gregory Benc censing during Ode 5 of the Paschal Canon.
Greeting with the hand cross during the Paschal Stichiri
Opening blessing at the blessing of Paschal foods iin the cathedral auditorium
Christ the Saviour Cathedral was filled to capacity for the Paschal Liturgy.
The Reading of the Paschal Gospel.
The cathedral children held handles during Divine LIturgy.
Fr. Frank Miloro distributing paskas to parishioners. The giving of the
"little paskas" was instituted by the late +Metropolitan Nicholas many years
ago. They were his gift to the parishioners. He had already ordered them
from the Potomac parish, as he always did, and they were delivered to
Johnstown in February where they were kept frozen until today. This was the last gift to the parishioners from + Metropolitan Nicholas. We all missed
him and today you could feel his absence. May his memory be eternal!
Christ Is Risen!
Blessing of Baskets
Blessing of Baskets
Blessing of Baskets
This is the basket prepared for the Basket Blessing by our students of
Christ the Saviour Seminary.
Children prepare to begin Easter Egg Hunt which had to be held inside due to the inclement weather.