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2010 Cathedral St Nicholas Celebration

On the weekend of Dec 17-19, 2010 Christ The Saviour Seminary and Cathedral was the host of a diocesan-wide celebration of the Feast of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker.

In attendance were 35 deacons/sub-deacons and readers who gathered for their Annual retreat.

Following the Sunday, Festal Hierarchical Divine LIturgy, a dinner was held at Christ the Saviour Educational Center with more than 300 in attendance.

The posted photos, courtesy of Nicholas Boucher, Gheorghe Acsente and Adrian Ulmer show scenes from the annual celebration.
Divine Liturgy - Sat Dec 18, 2010
Readers at the High Place
Ordination to Subdeaconate
Ordination to Subdeaconate
Participants of the 2010 Diocesan Readers and Deacon's Retreat
Guests waiting the arrival of the Metropolitan. The St. Nicholas Banquet was held the Christ the Saviour Educational Center.
Children, ringing bells, ushered the Metropolitan into the St. Nicholas banquet.
Metropolitan Nicholas entering the St. Nicholas banquet.
St. Nicholas giving candy coins to the children.
Choir Director, Andrew Talarovich, of St. Nicholas church of Homestead directs the choir singing Christmas carols at the banquet.
Luke Tvarozna was the winner of the Jeweled Christmas Tree with proceeds going to the Cathedral Vacation Bible School program.