St Silouan The Athonite Mission - Toronto, Ontario

About St Silouan the Athonite Mission


We are a multi-ethnic Orthodox Christian parish serving in English in the Regent Park community of Toronto that’s as diverse as the city itself.  

Many traditions are reflected at St. Silouan’s -- Greek, Romanian, Serbian, Coptic, Ukrainian, Arabic, Russian -- and like Canada, we take pride in welcoming all: converts, cradle Orthodox and Christianity curious.

Established in Toronto in 2002, St. Silouan's Orthodox Church is a mission parish of the Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople

We are inspired by the roots of Christianity that is the unbroken tradition of the Orthodox church.  We are a community of welcome and refuge, ministering to poverty whether external or internal, obvious or well hidden

Our vision is to live out the gospel serving those in need and proclaim the good news of the resurrection to the world.  We strive to be a part of our urban fabric, a place of connection and radical anti-isolation -- a local church.  Where Christianity can meet with the present world, and be welcoming to all whether Christian or non-Christian, believer or not. 

Mission Needs

St. Silouan Mission Parish is in the need of the following items:

  1. Processional Cross
  2. Altar Fans (Ripidia)
  3. Green Priest Vestments and Altarboy Dalmatics of All Sizes


Contact Information

If you would like to assist the mission through donating gently used or new liturgical items, or through a monetary gift,  please contact:

St. Silouan The Athonite Orthodox Mission

237 Sackville St Lower Level
Toronto, ON M5A 3G1

Mailing Address
237 Sackville St Lower Level
Toronto, ON M5A 3G1

Tel: 416-703-1111 | Fax:
Deanery: Canada

Pastor: Rev. Fr. Paul Tadros

Subdeacons and Readers: Reader Efraim Pfeil & Reader Michael Luciuk

Matins: Sunday: 9:00 am
Liturgy: Sunday: 10:00 am