The Advent Mission Project:
Making Room At The Inn

Greetings Everyone,

Glory to Jesus Christ!

As the National ACRY President, I want to take this time to encourage all of you to please take a look at this year’s Advent Mission Project that we are coordinating.  In case you have not had a chance to read the flier and press release introducing what we are doing, we are coordinating efforts with Fr. Michael Chendorain and the faithful of St. John’s Parish in Perth Amboy, NJ to raise both money and volunteers to enable us to honor the late Fr. Michael Rosco by building a Habit for Humanity home in New Orleans in the summer of 2016.  This humanitarian effort was always near and dear to Fr. Michael, so it is only fitting to honor his memory by fulfilling a task he wanted to complete:  building a complete home from start to finish .

This Mission Project, could not have come at a better time.  Just as Christ came into this world and had no home, but rather a modest manger in a cave in Bethlehem, we are hoping to provide one needy family with its own home in honor of our Fr. Michael Rosco.   I am  asking the assistance of  our ACRY members, and all of our Diocesan parishes during this Advent Season with this important philanthropic project.  Your generous financial support  and/or your  offer of volunteer labor  will help to make this building project  become a reality.

 As Orthodox Christians, let us not be like the rest of the world and say that we have no space at the inn, but let us dig deep and build our own inn for a needy family.  Through Christ, all things are possible, so let us pray that Christ helps us during this season of Advent to realize our goal of raising the necessary funds and volunteers to complete this very worthwhile cause. 

Kevin Coffman, National Sr. ACRY President
December 5, 2015