Revitalizing the ACRY
A Reflection By Nick Dzubak

Slava Isusu Christu!

Glory be to Jesus Christ!


It is Monday morning September 7th about 7am......I am being awoken from three hours of sleep by my very loud sons, Christopher, Allen & Daniel. As I get up, I have this feeling of fear. Did I just do that? Am I the new ACRY President? No, not me. This must be some sort of dream. Then Cyndi, my wife, chimes in, "good morning President Dzubak". The kids find this hilarious. Oh no, I did do it! I dwell on this for the next hour or so as we pack up for the trip home. We load up the cart and head down the elevator through the lobby and into the car. We pass a lot of friends along the way and each have kind parting words of encouragement and thanks for taking this task on. I can do this! Fear is gone (mostly) and the work to be done is directly in front of me.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the outgoing board members for their hard work and dedication to the A.C.R.Y. It is a hard but rewarding task. I would especially like to thank Past President Matthew Peifer for his leadership these last three years. I would also thank each and every A.C.R.Y. member for their individual work throughout the year. I am excited for the new faces on the board now with their new ideas and fresh energy.

Two years ago, Past President Peifer had instituted the "Just One More" campaign to increase membership. I would now like to take it just one step further. If you were in the convention meetings or heard about them, you would know our membership has decreased this past year. 91 members have for one reason or another let their memberships lapse. It is you who I seek now. I seek information as to what were your reasons for not returning? I, as I am sure all other existing A.C.R.Y. members, are wondering what it is we can do to reclaim your interest /passion in this wonderful group. I would like to make it a goal of not only mine, but the entire Senior A.C.R.Y. to reclaim these lost members.

September is annually the beginning of our Membership Drive and we ask that you make this drive a record one. Do you know someone in your parish that was once a member and now is not? Talk to them, ask them, invite them back! If you get an answer share it with me and/or any of the other Board  Members or Father Peter. Send us an email ( ). As it has been stated before, we have a strong core of "lifelong" A.C.R.Y. members who want nothing more than to see the interest in this group soar!

We are entering a new era of communication with the integration of the Senior A.C.R.Y. website ( into the outstanding new Diocesan website ( ). Use the website! Let us know what you are doing at your home Parish. We have a very capable Publicity Director . Send us an email with a sentence or two on happening or events at your local A.C.R.Y. We need to introduce ourselves to those that don't know us. We need to communicate better not only amongst ourselves but with others as well. I have recently entered the 21st Century by joining Facebook. Ok, a year or so late, but I did it! Within 24 hours I have 31 friends. 30 of them are A.C.R.Y. Members. Juniors, Seniors, Priests and Pani's alike! This is a tool that can and is being used  to stay in touch with each other. Also to spread the word.

It is my intention to get out and visit non-active A.C.R.Y groups during the course of this year. If this is something you are interested in, and I haven't found you yet, find me! Hey, I'm on Facebook! Don't worry, I will take it slow. You most assuredly will not see a Twitter blog from me anytime soon!

With all my heart, I believe in this organization and will do all I can to assure it's continued growth. I ask your assistance in this endeavor as well, and together we can continue to move "Forever Forward and Heavenward"

National Senior ACRY President,
Nicholas Dzubak