Stewardship Commission's Proposal Gets Unanimous Approval At XXII Diocesan Council/Sobor

JOHNSTOWN, PA [Diocesan Chancery]-- Consistent with its mission statement, the Stewardship Commission of the Diocese presented a proposal to the XXII Sobor/Council in Johnstown. The mission statement says: Orthodox Christian Stewardship is a Christ-centered lifestyle, which acknowledges accountability, reverence, and responsibility before God. Orthodox Christian Stewardship is a call to all of the faithful to share willingly and cheerfully the gifts that God has bestowed on them including sharing these gifts for God’s work in His Church.

The proposal to the Sobor, unanimously adopted by the clergy and delegates, asked that the American Carpatho-Russian Diocese, first of all, give thanks to God for the many blessings of time, talent and treasure that He has bestowed upon us. The proposal secondly asked for the Diocese to commit a proportion of these gifts for the service of Christ and the growth of His Church. The manner in which this commitment is asked, the proposal goes on, is to seek the Scriptural and Traditional goal of the tithe: a 10% offering of all that God has given in time, talent and treasure back to God for support of the Church.

The proposal provides some first steps in carrying out this commitment. It asks that each parish designate a coordinator of stewardship ministry in the parish by the beginning of Great Lent of 2014. Also, to assist the Commission in customizing its resources for specific situations, the proposal asks that a review of current and future planned parish stewardship practices be provided to the Commission by September 1/13, 2014.

It is the commitment of the Diocesan Stewardship Commission to provide resources and personal support to parishes of the Diocese as they seek to carry out this proposal. The Commission’s Resource Books I and II were distributed to delegates at the XXII Sobor/Council, as well as a Stewardship Curriculum for young people in the booklet “Stories of Steward the Churchmouse.”  They may also be downloaded here.

The Commission stands ready to provide any personal assistance that parish councils and/or stewardship committees might request. Members of the Commission are willing to travel wherever their presence is requested. The Commission to date has received several invitations to provide such personal assistance in the parishes.

As a help to begin this process across the Diocese, the Commission will also, in this space on the Diocesan website, provide a series of articles based on the adopted Sobor proposal. The Stewardship Commission includes Fr. Frederick Watson (Chair), Fr. Basil Aden, Deacon Stephen Hall, Mr. John Bilanin, and Ms Stephanie Betsa. You may reach Fr. Frederick at St. Elizabeth Church, Woodstock, GA, at 770-485-0504, or you may make contact with the Commission through the Chancery Office.