Come Receive the Light!

JOHNSTOWN - [Diocesan Apostolate For Information Technology]  -  Receiving the Paschal light at Resurrection Matins and singing Christ is Risen for the first time after a long stint in the desert of the Great Fast is something Orthodox Christians look forward to with great joy.

Recognizing that many faithful are homebound and no longer able to attend Church, the Diocesan Apostolate for Information Technology has made it possible to share in the joy of Holy Pascha in the on-line prayer chapel.  

We invite you to take a moment to visit the on-line prayer chapel (Click Here To Enter) where you can offer a prayer and light a candle.   You may send an email greeting to a family member, fellow parishioner or friend, letting them know you lit a candle for them and remembered them in prayer.  While in the chapel you will be able to listen to beautiful Paschal hymns as sung in our diocese, as well as hear the Gospel reading of the Paschal Liturgy chanted by His Eminence + Metropolitan Nicholas of Thrice-Blessed Memory.

We pray that the Unwaning Light of Holy Pascha burns brightly in your hearts.

Christ is Risen! Indeed He Is Risen!