Protopresbyter Frank P. Miloro Celebrates Final Liturgy as Dean of Christ The Saviour Cathedral

JOHNSTOWN, PA -- In the presence of His Grace, Bishop Gregory and a large number of Cathedral faithful, family members and friends, the Very Rev. Protopresbyter Frank P. Miloro, celebrated his final Liturgy as Cathedral Dean on Sunday, October 27, 2013. While retiring from active parish ministry, Fr. Miloro, at the request of His Grace, Bishop Gregory will continue to serve the Diocese as Chancellor and Dean of Christ the Saviour Seminary for the forseeable future.

Fr Miloro faithfully served the Cathedral Parish for 28 years, first as Assistant to Protopresbyter John Yurchisin and then as Dean, while at the same time serving as Diocesan Chancellor, Secretary to Metropolitan Nicholas and Bishop Gregory, Dean of Christ the Saviour Seminary and Dean of the Johnstown Deanery. At Father Frank's side throughout his pastorate at Christ the Saviour Cathedral and his entire priesthood has been our Diocesan "First Lady" Pani Constance, who has worked tirelessly  for the parish and as a valued member of the Diocesan Chancery Administration Staff.

Father Frank, has distinguished himself through the years as being a model priest. No matter how burdensome his pastoral and Diocesan responsibilities have been, he has always conducted himself with grace and Christ-like love and compassion. He will always be remembered for the tender care and support he and his entire family extended to Metropolitan Nicholas during the time of his illness and repose, and for his steady hand in guiding the Diocese during the difficult days of discerning the Will of God for a successor to Metropolitan Nicholas.

During his final homily and in a letter to the Cathedral Faithful, Fr. Frank reflected on his years of service and the new chapter that is beginning in the Cathedral with the appointment of Protopresbyter Robert Buczak as his successor and offered the following remarks:

All things must eventually come to an end. That is the reality of life on so many levels. Other than our Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – nothing stays the same. We can expect tomorrow to be different than today. If it were not, time would have to have been suspended.

Christ the Saviour Cathedral Parish has undergone numerous pastoral changes throughout the years. From the earliest beginnings of the parish in 1937 under the pastoral guidance of Father Andrew Zapatocky, and through subsequent years of pastoral ministry provided by Protopresbyter Joseph Mihaly and Protopresbyter John Miller through 1951, Christ the Saviour Parish provided a true spiritual haven for thousands of Orthodox in the Greater Johnstown area. Then from 1952 to 1996, great progress was made under the spiritual care of the late + Protopresbyter John Yurcisin. I have been honored to have served you for a total of 28 years, first as Associate Pastor along side Father Yurcisin, then as Pastor as Father John turned to his retirement years.

Now another era must come to an end.

That end is the start of a new era beginning with the assignment of a new Pastor by Bishop Gregory in the person of Protopresbyter Robert Buczak. One era ends; another begins. And it will be that way until the end of time.

One thing is certain. The Orthodox Christian Church empowers men and women in the Church to lead and at the same time to follow. “How can that be?” you might say. To be sure, that is the one thing that is most evident in the 76-year history of this Parish. You have enjoyed many clergy and lay leaders over the years. They have brought many talents to our Parish. They have all led well, and at the same time followed the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pani Connie and I would like to say ‘thank you’ for the opportunity to serve you.

We are grateful for the many kindnesses you have extended to us and our family over the years. That has brought every member of the Miloro Family memories to last a lifetime.

Following the Divine Liturgy, a celebratory banquet was held at Christ the Saviour Educational Center in honor of Fr. Frank and Pani Constance Miloro.

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