Prayers Requested For Eastern Seaboard Parishes In The Path of Hurricane Sandy

JOHNSTOWN, PA  [Diocesan Chancery] --  Prayers are requested for the diocesan parishes and faithful,as well as all who are in the path of Hurricane Sandy which is projected to impact the U.S. Eastern Seaboard  from Maryland to the New England Coast.

According to Diocesan Chancellor, The Very Rev. Protopresbyter Frank P. Miloro,  our  diocesan parish communities along the eastern seaboard from Maryland to  coastal Connecticut are in need of prayer as the storm approaches. In particular, the parishes along the New Jersey Shore coast, which often experience flooding, and Long Island, NY, are extremely vulnerable. This storm being labled by the National Weather Service as a mega-storm with a reach of over 800 miles, will also impact other regions, including Johnstown, PA where high wind warnings are in place.

According to Fr. Kenneth Ellis, pastor of  Holy Ghost Orthodox Church of Manville, New Jersey, which frequently experiences flooding,  as of Sunday evening, the situation is dire. Municipal authorities have indicated that extensive flooding which will most likely exceed that of Hurricane Irene in 2011  is expected. During that severe storm, the Manville Church experienced flood waters of over 10 feet, completely filling the Church Basement and extending into the Church proper.  In preparation, yesterday the parish faithful, after preparing over 50 dozen pierogies, removed all of the contents of the basement hall, including the kitchen appliances and heating and air-conditioning units and installed additional auxiliary sump pumps. It is anticipated that due to these extensive preparations, flood damage will be greatly reduced.

As the storm approaches, all diocesan faithful are urged to offer their heartfelt prayers that Almighty God protect all those who are in the path of Hurricane Sandy.

Special prayers for use at the time of dangerous weather, courtesy of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese may be accessed here