Archpastoral Letter On The First Annual Young Women's Retreat

April 29, 2014

Protocol 9/2014

Christ is Risen!

Dear Diocesan Parents and Children,

This summer, our Diocese is pleased to offer a new event specifically for our young women. The First Annual Young Women’s Retreat will provide an opportunity for the young women of our Diocese to spend time in each other’s company, have fun, pray together, and learn about how God calls each woman to serve His church with her talents and abilities.

This Retreat will take place concurrently with the Diocesan Altar Boy’s Retreat. In many ways, these separate experiences are meant to parallel each other, with each focusing on the experience, vocations, and unique gifts bestowed upon the young men and women of our Church. Over the years, both the clergy and laity have expressed a great interest in creating an event tailored to our girls and young women. This year, this hope will come to fruition.

The first annual Young Women’s Retreat will take place from June 29-July 2, 2014.

The Retreat will be hosted by the Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Church in Windber, Pennsylvania. Young women in our Diocese ages 12-18 are invited to attend.

Please do not miss this opportunity for the girls of our Church and Diocese to gather with one another and grow in their faith. We ask for your prayers and support as we plan for this inaugural event. With God’s help, we hope this event will continue for many years to come.

Space is limited to the first thirty respondents, so please register as soon as possible. Registration deadline is June 2, 2014.

All parishes of the Diocese are urged to underwrite the $90.00 participation fee for their young women in recognition of all the ways that these young women serve their parishes.

Looking forward to seeing you this summer at our youth events, with blessings I remain

Working in His Vineyard with much love,

+Bishop Gregory of Nyssa

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