March Is ACRY Ambassador Fund Drive Month

JOHNSTOWN, PA  [National SR ACRY] -- As the season of Great and Holy Lent draws closer once again, The National Senior ACRY has designated the Month of March to be ACRY Ambassador Month. The ACRY Ambassador is a leadership position that has been created to generate awareness of and interest in the ACRY. The Ambassador is called upon to exemplify the values and commitment of service to others that the ACRY holds itself to.

This year our ACRY Ambassador, Alex Righetti, has participated in charitable outreach programs and missionary works such as the participation in an Orthodox Christian Fellowship College Ministry Real Break Trip where he worked on a service team in conjunction with the International Orthodox Christian Charities (IOCC) and Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans. As well as these good works, the Ambassador is also called upon to speak and give presentations all across the diocese in order to share the news and works that are able to be done through sponsorship of the National Senior ACRY.

This honorable position has been around for only one short year, but our Ambassador has been busy. His good works, however, can only continue if we as an organization have the means in which to send him where he is needed. With one voice, the national board of the ACRY has officially declared and designated the month of March to be Ambassador Fund Drive Month. We are asking anyone able to please consider donating money directly to the ACRY Ambassador fund in order to assist in keeping the ACRY Ambassador joyfully busy doing his charitable philanthropic works in Christ's name.

Those chapters and individuals who would like to support the ACRY's missionary activities are asked to mail their contributions to:

Debbie Samilenko
22 Nicole Drive 
Milford, CT  06460

The National ACRY (American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Youth) is is the national youth organization of the American Carpatho-Russian Diocese of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. It is divided into two separate organizations. The Junior ACRY (for ages 8 to 18) and the Senior ACRY (for ages 18 and older).  Every parish in the diocese is encouraged to have an ACRY Chapter in their parish.  Currently there are 25 active chapters throughout the diocese. The ACRY is an Orthodox Christian family fellowship dedicated to the purpose of encouraging spiritual growth through charitable and apostolic missionary works, prayer and fellowship for the Glory of God and the building up of the Church and our Diocese. It seeks to enable its membership to experience the spiritual joy and fulfillment of participating in the work of Christ on a local, national and global levels through its many charitable outreach and philantropic initiatives.

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