Diocese Takes On Hurricane Relief Outreach Project

JOHNSTOWN, PA  [National ACRY] ---  With the blessing and enthusiastic support of His Grace, Bishop Gregory of Nyssa,  the National Senior ACRY has taken on the coordination of a Diocesan-wide outreach initiative to  assist the  International Orthodox Christian Charities in responding to the catestrophic devastation wrought by Hurricanes Harvey and  Irma.

In times of natural disaster, the IOCC has boots on the ground distributing Emergency Kits to those who are impacted. These kits help volunteers clean up property and provide basic hygiene supplies that more than likely were washed away in the torrential downpour. Due to the multiple, intense storms that have hit the US during the peak of this hurricane season, IOCC’s supply of Emergency Kits have been depleted.

At the National ACRY Convention this past Labor Day Weekend, the ACRY proposed a Mission Project in order to help the IOCC replenish their supplies of Emergency Clean-Up Buckets. Representatives from the IOCC have noted that these kits are what they are most in need of.  Diocesan parishes are asked to put together Clean-Up Buckets that will then be donated to the IOCC. Deanery representatives have (or will) volunteer to help coordinate efforts for their specific Deanery. Smaller parishes unable to bear the expense of the Emergency Clean-up Buckets may wish to consider assembling Emergency Hygiene Kits, instead, and sending them directly to IOCC

Diocesan priests have already received via email,  detailed instructions  and promotional materials to coordinate their parish's response which are also posted below.  Volunteers are being sought for Deanery Representatives for the following Deaneries: Florida, Johnstown, Pittsburgh, Pocono and Tri-State.  Responsibilities of this representative would be to facilitate collaboration between Deanery parishes who may wish to work together on the project, coordinate with National Project Coordinator a way to get the Clean-Up Buckets to the appropriate distribution warehouse, and collect and submit photos of the efforts of Deanery parishes in assembling and distributing the Clean-up Kits.  This volunteer can be anyone – clergy or layperson - ACRY member or not. Those who are interested in volunteering to be your Deanery’s point person, please contact Rachel Pribish at rachelprib@gmail.com or (908)-247-2269. Please include the Deanery name, your local parish, and your contact information in the e-mail.

In this time of need, any and all help is greatly appreciated.  Our parishes in the New York/New Jersey Deanery that were impacted by Superstorm Sandy which hit New Jersey 5 years ago, understand how all of these seemingly small things (laundry detergent, scrub brushes, etc) can mean so much to those who are trying to reassemble their lives. Please keep all of those impacted by natural disaster in your prayers, and then organize a coffee hour at your church to help put together kits so they can recover from the storm. 

As the need is great,  the immediate response and expeditious completion and delivery of the Emergency Kits would be greatly appreciated.

For more information, please contact  Rachel Pribish,  Mission Project Coordinator at rachelprib@gmail.com or (908) 247-2269.

Forms and Information

Hurricane Relief - Mission Project Promotional Flier (PDF Format)

Packing Lists and Shipping Instructions  (PDF Format)

Deanery Representative - Volunteer Information  (PDF Format) 

Archpastoral Letter of His Grace, Bishop Gregory (PDF Format)

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