Five Orthodox Bishops Will Bless The New ZOE House

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio (LifeSiteNews) – Five Orthodox Christian bishops will bless the new ZOE House for helping pregnant women, at 5454 State Road, on Friday, March 4.

ZOE House is a ministry of Zoe for Life, an Orthodox Christian initiative to help women who need confidential emotional and spiritual support during crisis pregnancies; to assist Orthodox Christians seeking to adopt; and to provide an education, resources, and retreats "for Pure Living." The pro-life organization offers medical assistance, housing, clothing, prenatal care, referrals for counseling, adoption help, and emotional and spiritual support to women.

Metropolitan Savas of the Greek Orthodox Church; Archbishop Nathaniel of the Romanian Episcopate; His Grace, Bishop Daniel of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church; Bishop Gregory of the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese; and Bishop Paul of the Orthodox Church in America will all preside together in the house blessing.

Zoe for Life's President Paula Kappos told LifeSiteNews, "We are amazed and humbled by the love and tenderness which our hierarchs are showering on us. It is proof, once again, that when we walk in faith, God walks with us. This is an awe-inspiring event, the memory of which we will cherish forever."

Ms. Kappos told LifeSiteNews that the response from hierarchs was tremendously positive. "I wouldn't miss it!" was the response of Bishop Daniel, she said. She added that Bishop Gregory and Bishop Paul cleared their schedules to participate, and Archbishop Nathaniel called personally to accept the invitation. The Greek chancellor, Fr. George Callos, relayed Metropolitan Savas's happiness to co-lead the blessing.

Zoe for Life moved to the facility, Parma's former post office, in December. A Grand Opening celebration will begin March 4, with an open house at 6:30 p.m. and the official episcopal blessings starting at 7:00 p.m.

The new Zoe House's 3,000 square feet will be used for meetings, classes, prayer circles, and other healing ministries. Its location is ideal, on the bus line and close to the freeway, occupying a single floor for easy access to pregnant women and children.

Kappos told, "The new facility will also allow ZOE for Life to pursue its plan to create a Women's Center to provide limited obstetrical ultrasounds, peer counseling, needed supplements and professional referrals to ensure that crisis pregnancies aren't dangerous ones."

"We are incredibly excited about what God is doing with ZOE for Life and are looking forward to whatever else He might have in store," Ms. Kappos added.

The Zoe for Life website explains, "ZOE House affords us the opportunity to share the message of Christ's love for every soul through this nurturing environment. Confidential services are provided to our clients, as well as maternity and baby clothes, necessary baby furniture and supplies."

The organization says ZOE staff and volunteers cared for 400 women in 2013.