Diocese to Participate In Pro-Life Rally in Washington, DC

WASHINGTON, DC -- Diocesan Clergy and Faithful, as they have for many years, will take part in the annual March for Life in the Nation's Capitol on Thursday January 22, 2015.

The Annual March for Life takes place to mark the 41st  Anniversary of the January 22, 1973 Supreme Court Decision, known as Roe V. Wade which legalized abortion.

They will join their brothers and sisters of other Orthdox Dioceses in America at the National Mall and will March behind the Orthodox Christians for Life Banner up Pennsylvania Avenue, to Capitol Hill where, by the Supreme court, they will offer prayers for the victims of abortion.

On this day, Orthodox Christians throughout America are asked to prayerfully remember the victims of abortion and to educate themselves about and support life-affirming, Church-related agencies and organizations, such as Zoe for Life, and  Orthodox Christians for Life.

Fr. Peter Zarynow,  Dean of the Washington, DC Deanery, cordially invites those to Diocesan faithful traveling to the area who wish to travel with the faithful of Holy Resurrection Parish in Potomac, MD on the Metro, are advised to arrive at Holy Resurrection parish prior to 11:30 am.

For more information contact  Fr. Peter Zarynow at  frzarynow@gmail.com