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Camp Nazareth Residence Addition Roof

Getting the titanium paper on the roof to weatherproof it.
Preparing the roof.
Tarps were used to protect the roof until the titanium paper was applied.
Once applied the titanium paper could have protected the addition throughout the entire winter without the metal shingles.
Almost ready for the shingles to be put on.
The roofing company was able to re-use the existing metal shingles and so save on cost.
"Down in the valley..." The proper construction of the valleys is an important part of the metal roofing process.
Front view of the residence addition.
The addition roof matches the lodge and was put on by the same company that had re-done the lodge roof years earlier.
It took 4 days to complete the roof.
Workers putting the finishing touches on the roof.
The siding went on at the same time as the roof.
The roof of the addition tied in very nicely with the existing roof.
Nearly done with the roof.