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Final Liturgy and Anniversary Celebration In New Castle, PA (4/30/23)

On Sunday, April 30, 2023, the faithful of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in New Castle, PA along with guests gathered for the celebration of Fr. Richard Salley's 60th Anniversary of Ordination to the Holy Priesthood and the final Divine Liturgy of the parish community.

The day began with Divine Liturgy celebrated by His Eminence, Metropolitan Gregory, with Fr. Richard Salley and Fr. Michael Kabel concelebrating. At the end of the Divine Liturgy, His Eminence, Metropolitan Gregory offered the prayers of De-Consecration of a Church, which properly precede the closing of a church.

Following Divine Liturgy, a buffet luncheon took place at a Medure's Catering in honor of Fr. Richard's Anniversary of Ordination and Retirement.

During the meal, the parishioners made several presentations. Fr. Richard's three daughters received roses. Fr. Richard received a photo of the remaining parishioners; a painting of the church exterior; and a NY Jets jersey (Fr. Richard's favorite team). During football season, at the end of Sunday Liturgy, Fr. Richard would lightheartedly ask for prayers for whatever team was opposing the Pittsburgh Steelers that week!

Fr. Richard pastored St. Nicholas Church for 54 of his 60 years of service as a priest.

In his remarks at the luncheon, Fr. Richard described St. Nicholas Church as being the "perfect" parish which he truly loved serving because the entire parish family working closely and harmoniously together in all aspects of parish life.

Fr. Richard closed with "I love you" and the everyone responded "We love you" in return.

Fr. Michael Kabel, a son of the parish, concelebrated the Divine Liturgy. Another vocation of the parish, Fr. Robert Teklinski, was unable to be in attendance. Also in attendance was Fr. David Mastroberte, the Dean of the Youngstown Deanery; Fr. Stephen Loposky; and Fr. Kevin Long of St. Elias Antiochian Orthodox Church.

May Almighty God remember the sacrifices of the founding members of St. Nicholas Church and the remaining faithful of the community for serving the Lord faithfully in the New Castle Vineyard of our Lord for over 115 years!

Many Years to Protopresbyter Richard Salley for his faithful pastorate of St. Nicholas Church for over half a century and for his dedicated service of 60 years in the Holy Priesthood.

Christ is Risen!

(Photos courtesy of Christina Duranko and Pani Kelly Kabel)
St Nicholas Church, New Castle, PA
Fr, Richard was pastor of St. Nicholas Church for 54 of his 60 years in the Holy Priesthood.
The beautiful interior of St. Nicholas Church.
Fr. Michael Kabel, a son of the parish offered a few words at the final Divine LIturgy.
Metropolitan Gregory offered the homily at Divine Liturgy.
"Receive the Body of Christ"
Fr. Richard offered a few heartfelt words at the conclusion of Divine Liturgy.
Metropolitan Gregory offered an explanation of the Ritual of De-consecration of a Church prior to offering the prayers.
Group photo of the Co-celebrating Clergy, Faithful and Guests with His Eminence, Metropolitan Gregory. Greogry.
The faithful embrace Fr. Richard at the end of Liturgy.
Clergy in attendance at the banquet which folloed honoring Fr. Richard on his 60th Anniversary of Ordination to the Holy Priesthood.
The daughters of Fr. Richard were presented with roses.
Fr. Richard was presented with a beautiful photo of the St Nicholas Parish Family.
Fr. Richard was presented with a painting of St. Nicholas Church.
Cake honoring Fr. Richard Salley