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Consecration of St. Mary Church - Painted Post, NY (4/2/22)

On Saturday April 2, 2022, the Consecration of St. Mary Orthodox Church took place by the hands of His Eminence Metropolitan Gregory who was assisted by Host Pastor, Fr. Daniel Mahler, Diocesan and Local Orthodox Clergy.

Photos show scenes from the Consecration and the first Divine Liturgy in the newly consecrated Church and the celebratory banquet which took place in the parish hall.

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The Long Vestibule Entrance Provides a Transition into the Sacred Space of the Church
The interior of the newly consecrated church.
Seminarians Chant Psalm 26 with the Congregation as the Anointing of the Church Begins
This is the location for the placement of the Sacred Relics in the New Altar at St. Mary’s
Among the Names of the Departed Faithful of St. Mary’s to be Placed with the Holy Relics are Some of the Visionaries Who Worked to Make St. Mary’s New Church a Reality
Metropolitan Gregory fills the Reliquary With Some Sand After Having Placed the Sacred Relics in the Altar
Metropolitan Gregory Seals the Altar Cavity with Hot Wax-Mastic
Metropolitan Gregory Prepares the Altar for a Washing with Warm Water and Rose Water Mingled with Wine
The Assisting Clergy Wash the New Altar with soap and New Sponges
Clergy Dry the Entire Altar from Top to Bottom with Antimensia
Metropolitan Spreads Holy Chrism in the Center and the Four Corners of the Altar
The Metropolitan and Priests Wipe the Altar Dry with the Antimensia
Icons of the Four Evangelists are Sealed to the Corners of the Holy Table with Wax-Mastic

The Altar is Covered with the Katasarkion, a White Linen Cover Secured with Cords
Metropolitan Gregory is the Celebrant of the First Liturgy in the Newly Consecrated Church
Metropolitan Gregory Incenses the Newly-Consecrated Altar and the Church
St. Mary’s Altar Server Luke Mertus was Blessed to be an Acolyte of the Church
St. Mary’s Altar Server Luke was Blessed to be an Acolyte of the Church
Four Members of the Parish Were Recognized for Distinguished Service in the Building of the New Church Complex
Metropolitan Gregory with co-celebrating clergy, altar servers and honorees.
Fr. Daniel Mahler, Pastor of St. Mary’s Extends His Gratitude to the Faithful for Their Labors of Love Over the Years
The New Parish Complex Includes a Beautiful Dining Room and Fully Equipped Kitchen
Six years Earlier, these two young girls participate in the Ground-Breaking Ceremony and now they Presented Roses to Metropolitan Gregory as a Sign of Welcome and Love
The faithful in attendance at the banquet.
The faithful in attendance at the banquet.
Paul Topichak, one of the original members of the parish relocation committee spoke about the 23 Year Journey in the transformation of the dream of a new church into a reality.
Fr. Dan Mahler Congratulates the Parish Family for their sacrifice, hard word and determination in making the new Church a Reality
Metropolitan Gregory Spoke of his joy in the Birth of the New Church Facility
No celebration is complete with out cake!