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Ordination of Andrew Wythe to the Deaconate - March 1, 2020

On Sunday March 1, 2020, during his Archpastoral Visit to St. Elizabeth Orthodox Church in Woodstock, GA, His Eminence, Metropolitan Gregory ordained Subdeacon Andrew Wythe to the Holy Diaconate through the Laying-On-Of-Hands.

Posted photos show scenes from the Ordination Liturgy and celebratory lunch which followed.
Subdeacon Andrew at the High Place, with His Eminence, Metropolitan Gregory before Liturgy.
Candles burning before the Icon of our Saviour for the health and salvation and blessed memory of those present and their loved ones,
Epistle Reading
The Epistle Reading.
Gospel reading
The Great Entrance
The Great Entrance.
The Great Entrance.
The chanting of the Creed.
Metropolitan Gregory is presented with roses by one of the parish youth.
"Let us love one another..."
"Peace Be Unto All!"
Metropolitan Gregory praying at the Altar.
Subdeacon Andrew offers a few words of gratitude to Almighty God and his family for being blessed to become a Deacon.
Metropolitan Gregory offers a few words of encouragement to Subdeacon Andrew prior to his ordination.
Deacon Stephen, St. Elizabeth Orthodox Church, Woodstock, GA.
"Are you ready for ordination...." Metropolitan Gregory invites Subdeacon Andrew to come forward to receive the Holy Mystery of Ordination to the Diaconate.
"O Holy Martyrs..." Deacon Andrew is led around the altar by Fr. Matthew Dutko.
"O Holy Martyrs..." Deacon Andrew is led around the altar by Fr. Michael Chendorain.
Deacon Andrew prepares for ordination.
The prayer of ordination.
The Laying on of Hands by His Eminence, Metropolitan Gregory.
"The Grace Divine which fills that which is imperfect ordains the pious Subdeacon Andrew to the Holy Diaconate..."
Metropolitan Gregory vests Deacon Andrew.
Axios! He is worthy!
Deacon Andrew and his family at the celebratory luncheon which followed the ordination.
Some of the youth and young adults in attendance.
St. Elizabeth Orthodox Church, Woodstock, GA
Metropolitan Gregory and the flower presenter.
A presentation to His Eminence, Metropolitan Gregory.
Metropolitan Gregory receives a gift for use at Camp Nazareth!
Fr. Matthew and Deacon Andrew celebrate Forgiveness Vespers.