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Chicago Deanery Parenting Conference (9/7/19)

On the weekend of September 7-8,2019 His Eminence, Metropolitan Gregory, accompanied by Very Rev. Fr. Stephen Loposky, Diocesan Youth Director, traveled to St. Michael Church in Niles, IL to serve as keynote speakers for the second regional Diocesan Parenting Conference which took place on Saturday September 7th.

Metropolitan Gregory and Fr. Stephen joined the St. Michael Church Community on Sunday September 8th for Divine Liturgy as the community prepares to celebrate its 105th Anniversary as a worshiping family.

Posted photos, courtesy of Pani Bonnie Sherry, show scenes from the weekend event.
Clergy, adults, and youth began the second Diocesan Parenting Workshop (hosted by Saint Michael's Church in Niles) in church with a prayer.
The youth then gathered in the parish kitchen for Prosphora making. Father Gregory Allard explained Communion as a Sacrament, the ingredients needed for Prosphora, and the seal that is used.
The youth worked to each make their own Prosphora, with the older youth helping the younger ones!

Meanwhile, in the church, Father Stephen Loposky talked to the adults about what's most important for a parent.

Looks like the youth were having a fun time while learning!
Metropolitan Gregory joined the youth downstairs for some conversation before lunch.
Angie displays her bread after stamping with the seal. Each youth participant received a seal to take home, so they can prepare Prosphora for their churches.
Pani Joanne Allard is pictured with the raising Prosphora.
After lunch, Metropolitan Gregory focused on "the goal" for our youth.
Bud and Adrian take a rest during the outside activities.
One of the youngest participants (Emilia) enjoying a snack after playing outside with the other children.
During a break, the youth enjoyed singing songs they had learned at camp.
Father Samuel Sherry prepares for the youth to do a matching activity.
Father Gregory Allard during the Proskomedia demonstration
Singers (and singer-in-training Lucia) prepare for Great Vespers (Nativity of the Birthgiver of God).
Chicago Deanery Clergy at the conclusion of Vespers.
Traditional greeting with bread and salt and presentation of the hand cross prior to Divine Liturgy on Sunday, Sept 8, 2019. .
The Gospel Reading. .
Group photo
Archons from the Chicago area attended the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy
Vasilios and Emily welcomed His Eminence prior to the luncheon.
Pictured is Church Board President, Archon Wesley Stinich, and Pastor, Father Samuel Sherry