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Ordination of Nathaniel Choma To The Diaconate and Vincent Draginis to the Subdiaconate (5/15/18)

On Tuesday May 15, 2018, Seminarian Nathaniel Choma was ordained to the Diaconate and Seminarian Vincent Draginis to the Subdiaconate through the Laying On Of Hands of His Grace, Bishop Gregory.

Posted photos show scenes from the ordinations.

View Video of Ordination Here:
Seminarian Vincent Draginis being led by Frs. Loposky and Buczak to the Bishops's throne for tonsure to the order of Reader.
Bishop Gregory cuts the hair of Seminarian Vincent Dragons in tonsuring him a Reader.
Bishop Gregory lays his hand upon Reader Vincent to ordain him as a Subdeacon.
The new Subdeacon washes the hands of the Bishop.
Subdeacon Vince stands in prayer before the Icon of Christ.
Subdeacon Nathaniel Choma reads the epistle for the Liturgy.
Subdeacon Nathaniel is led to the amvon by his priest Fr. Kenneth Bachofsky and the Seminary Prefect, Fr. Michael Rustick.
Frs. Ken and Michael lead Subdeacon Nathaniel in procession around the altar.
Frs. Loposky and Brancho lead Subdeacon Nathaniel around the altar to venerate the Bishop's epigonation and hand.
Bishop Gregory blesses the Subdeacon in the laying on of hands to ordain him to the Diaconate.
Bishop Gregory lays his hand upon Subdeacon Nathaniel in ordaining him to the order of Deacon.
Bishop Gregory elevates a blessed cuff as he vests Deacon Nathaniel.
Bishop Gregory blesses the vestments and vests the newly ordained Deacon.
The newly ordained Deacon chants the litany of supplication during the Liturgy.