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Camp Nazareth 40th Anniversary Celebration

On Saturday, September 16, 2017 faithful gather together at Camp Nazareth with His Grace Bishop Gregory and our Diocesan Priests to celebrate the Camp's 40th Anniversary. The day began with the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, and included a Luncheon, dance performance, speaker program, photograph displays and a slideshow.

Read More Here: campnazareth.org/summercamp/news/cn-40th
The 40th Anniversary Celebration occurred during the Feast of the Exaltation of the Precious and Life-giving Cross.
Sam helped lead the singing for the day. He had surprised his mom and siblings with a trip home from college.
His Grace with the cantor in the background.
During the Little Entrance.
Some of the gathered priests.
His Grace censing during the Cherubic Hymn.
His Grace censing during the Cherubic Hymn.
Another moment asking forgiveness.
The Great Entrance.
The Kiss of Peace between Hierarch and priests.
His Grace, Bishop Gregory together with his priests at the Altar Table.
His Grace has a nice way of helping us to lift up our hearts and to give thanks to the Lord.
There are a couple of times during the Divine Liturgy when forgiveness is asked. Here is one of them.
"Mom did you say there were 5 more minutes left?"
During the Liturgy.
Fr. Ken calling the faithful to come forward in the fear of God, with faith and with love.
Coming forward to Communion.
How beautiful the Holy Eucharist is!!
During the Panachida for all of the departed founders, benefactors, builders and supports of the Camp.
His Grace gives the Blessing at the end of the Divine Liturgy
His Grace, Bishop Gregory delivered the sermon.
His Grace addressed all of the faithful after the Liturgy.
Following the Divine Liturgy
A little closer in the pic after the Divine Liturgy
The gathered faithful.
His Grace enjoyed distributing the Antidoron following the Divine Liturgy.
The Bartko family pauses for a beautiful picture.
Some of our Kitchen Workers eagerly awaiting the line of "customers".
The CN Staff waiting to serve the lunch.
This cake was very delicious.
"Go ahead, take another helping. There's plenty."
It was nice to have priests and faithful gathered together with His Grace Bishop Gregory for hte 40th.
The Luncheon was held in the Lodge
A very nice luncheon was provided for the faithful after the Divine Liturgy
Enjoying some delicious food during the Luncheon after the Divine Liturgy
The Slavjane Folk Ensemble from Pittsburgh performed during the Luncheon
Part of the Slavjane Folk Ensemble
Another picture of the whole group.
Slavjane Folk Ensemble has children 4-18 years old as part of its group.
Young "Charlie Daniels" plays during Slavjane's performance.
It was a whole lot of fun watching these ladies dance!
Their performance was excellent!
Sometimes their was singing, and sometimes dancing, and sometimes playing, and sometimes it was everything together!!!
Mr. Michael Ristvey, Jr., the Secretary of the original Camp Nazareth Building Committee, talked about his experience helping plan for and build the Camp.
Fr. Ken Bachofsky, Camp Overseer and Dean of the Youngstown Deanery, delivered one set of remarks and reminiscences during the Program.
Fr. Michael Polanichka, Chairman of the original Camp Nazareth Building Committee, listens during the Luncheon Program
Sam listens attentively as the speakers during the Program offered their remarks.
His Grace addresses the gathered faithful during the program following the Divine Liturgy
Bishop and "The Auxilliary" during the Luncheon