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Pani's Retreat at Camp Nazareth May 5-7, 2017

From May 5-7, 2017 20 or so Pani's from around the Diocese gathered together at Camp Nazareth with His Grace Bishop Gregory for a Retreat. It was the first Pani's Retreat in a number of year. The Retreat's theme was "Service and Salvation". The weekend retreat saw the Pani's together in church for services, at talks with His Grace, enjoying meals together, having some great fireside fellowship, and doing a craft/service project. It was a beautiful weekend together and is the just the start of what is to come!
Just beginning on Friday evening with His Grace Bishop Gregory. It was not easy to begin. Fr. William and Christyn had been in the accident and everyone wondered what to do. His Grace and our Panis went forward with faith, tears and love.
Friday evening was spent talking with one another, getting to know one another and really just stepping forward together into what will become something more.
On Friday evening Pani Eleni talked to the gathered Panis about the good work being done at the Young Womens' Encounter.
After evening prayers on Friday night, Saturday began with Matins and then onto breakfast. Caption here: "Oh, no! Not a picture of me!" And then....
Hoping and praying that the picture didn't end up online...which of course is why it did! We love you Pani Stacey!
Future Pani? Only God knows, but to the matter at hand (or in hand in this case)...there's a Cheerio in the mouth, and a few in the hands. Life is mmmm good! She reminded us of this during the weekend.
And reminded the picture taker that she needed to be left alone to eat her Cheerios in peace!
Enjoying breakfast together on Saturday morning.
And then the first session of Saturday. The Retreat Schedule was adjusted. It didn't feel right to keep the original schedule with presentations, so it was just talking, just conversation with His Grace...more of just family time.
And that family time brought smiles, even in the midst of heavier hearts.
You might see this brand new Pani posing for other pictures. Good one Pani Sarah!
Pani Bernadette and Pani Ileana getting a good laugh together with the other Panis.
His Grace blessing the food for Saturday's Lunch.
And there she is again striking a smile and pose. The Retreat schedule had been altered and so the Panis enjoyed a more elegant lunch rather than the originally planned elegant dinner.
After the Saturday morning time with His Grace, the Panis and His Grace had crafting time. They were making cards that will be used to send to one another when they need them. Cards of encouragement, cards of sympathy, cards of welcome and others.
The Pani's enjoyed putting their creative talents to work for the Church and for one another. The theme of the Retreat was "Service and Salvation".
As you can see, the cards are really lovely.
They hand painted the outside of the cards...
...And then put messages on the inside as well.
This is the start again of a beautiful Pani's ministry in our Diocese. "Pani Power!" Just wait and see!
Just prior to Vespers on Saturday the group paused for a group photo. A couple Panis were not in this photo, but you'll see them in the group photo after Sunday's Liturgy.
On Saturday evening after dinner the Panis gathered by the Lodge fireplace for a nice evening together.
It had rained all day and it was cool enough outside to enjoy a fire indoors.
The Panis enjoyed their fireside fellowship.
And it wasn't just a distraction. It was good and necessary for them to be together.
After Divine Liturgy on Sunday, the Panis and His Grace, plus one (go ahead, try to figure out who the plus one is), stayed for a group photo.
It had been a beautiful Divine Liturgy listening to the Panis sing together.