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2017 National ACRY Bowling Tournament (5/27/17)

On the weekend of May 26-29, 2017, the Annual Metropolitan Orestes Memorial Bowling Tournament took place in Rockaway, NJ. Posted photos show scenes from the weekend Diocesan gathering.
Sts Peter and Paul Church of Rockaway, NJ - The host of the 2017 National ACRY Bowling Tournament.
Bountiful table at the Hospitality Fellowship.
Enjoying good food and fellowship.
Enjoying good food and fellowship.
Bishop Gregory with Diocesan young adults at the hospitality hour.
Gabriel loves his chocolate chips!
Youth enjoying a beautiful afternoon on the Church Grounds.
Fun in the moon bounce.
Friday Evening: Sr ACRY Board Meeting
Friday Evening: Jr. ACRY Board Meeting
ACRY Bowlers hit the alley ready to bowl.
Bishop Gregory prepares to throw the ceremonial first ball.
The first ball.
Gabriel watches the ball go down the alley.
Warming up.
Ready, set, go!
The Holy Crew.
Bowlers take to the lanes
Catching up on the lanes.
Debbie and Barb
Youth bowlers
Daddy and me.
Bumper bowlers
Bumper bowlers
On Saturday afternoon the clergy and faithful gathered at St Peter and Paul Church Cemetery to celebrate the Parastas service for the newly departed priest +Fr. William George.
Parastas Service
Parastas Service
Parastas Service
In Memory of +Fr. William George
Saturday Evening Pig Roast Barbecue
Friends forever.... enjoying the Saturday Evening pig roast .
After dinner fun.
National Sr. ACRY President Kevin Coffman presents Bishop Gregory with the traditional gifts of bread and salt prior to the start of Sunday Morning Liturgy.
Bishop Gregory presided over Liturgy from the Episcopal Throne.
ACRY officers hold the candles during the Reading of the Gospel.
The Great Censing.
Alexa chanted the Epistle
Protodeacon Gregory proclaims the Gospel.
Youth Cantors
Great Entrance
"Receive the Body of Christ!"
"May the Blessing of the Lord Be Upon You!"
Bishop Gregory offered the homily.
Bishop Gregory offered the homily.
Bishop Gregory offered the homily.
Bishop Gregory distributed the Antidoron.
Bishop Gregory with National Jr. ACRY Officers prior to the Sunday Evening Grand Banquet.
Bishop Gregory with National Sr. ACRY Officers prior to the Grand Banquet.
Bishop Gregory with Gabriel
Bishop Gregory confers with official ACRY photographer Mark Sudik
Bishop Gregory with the Bowling Tournament Chairmen Barbara and Scott Fitzgerald.
Bishop Gregory with Bumper Bowling participants.
Bishop Gregory is presented with a small ACRY Banner from the early years of the ACRY for the Diocesan Archives.
Bishop Gregory was presented with flowers at the start of the Grand Banquet.
Bishop Gregory with All Events Bowling Champions.
Diocesan Youth masterfully led the Plain Chant responses to the Divine Liturgy.