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Theophany 2017 At Christ The Saviour Cathedral

Scenes from Theophany Eve at Christ The Saviour Cathedral.

Photos Courtesy of Nicholas Bocher.
Theophany Eve Holy Supper in the Cathedral Basement.
Cantors leading the responses at the Great Compline and Blessing of Waters Service.
Bishop Gregory blesses the loaves during the Litya Service.
The Great Censing at the Great Blessing of Water.
Protopresbyter Frank Miloro offers the prayer of the blessing of water.
"Great O Lord Are Your Works!!!"
Protopresbyter Robert Buczak breaths upon the water.
"Let All Adverse Powers Be Crushed Beneath the Sign of The Holy Cross..."
Fr. Robert Offers the Holy Water Sprinkler to Bishop Gregory.
"At Your Baptism In The Jordan, O Lord...."
Immersion of the Cross.
Fr. Robert Blesses the Cathedral.
The faithful approach the holy water fonts to partake of the newly sanctified Jordan Water.