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Real Break Thessaloniki II Team Arrives in Greece (3/11/17)

After an hour delay getting ice off our plane in Boston we traveled to Istanbul and then landed safely in Thessaloniki, Greece where we were warmly greeted by the hosting parish priest and others helping make this Real Break Trip a truly awesome experience.

We look forward to celebrating the Divine Liturgy in the morning in a parish that has the Liturgy offered in sign language aiding the deaf and hard of hearing in this great city!

Looking forward to keeping you up to date with our travels and praying for our Diocese as we go!

- Fr. Jonathan Bannon

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Father Vasillios approves of our airport stop in Istanbul.
Fr. Jonathan can't go a day without sharing a tale from his Starbucks adventures with the group. Today's story was when he met a customer who had visited St. Paisios of Athos!
The management at this coffee and pastry place wanted to get a photo with our group!
Time to board the plane and head over to Greece!
Arriving at the Tobacco Hotel we are met with the head priest of the hosting church. Here their woman's group offered a delicious snack making us feel at home.
After getting settled, the group took an evening walk through the neighborhood of St. Demetrios and visited the Historic Byzantine Church of the Holy Apostles.
14th Century Church of the Holy Apostles.
Fr. Spyridon shows us the ancient walls of this great city!