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Ordination of Nathaniel Choma to the Order of Subdeacon (1/10/2016)

On Sunday January 10, 2016, Nathaniel Choma was ordained to the Order of Subdeacon by His Grace, Bishop Gregory of Nyssa at Christ the Saviour Cathedral.

The Posted Photos Show Scenes From the Ordination.

Photos Courtesy of Nicholas Bocher
"Command! " Reader Nathaniel Choma is led by Protopresbyter Robert Buczak and Deacon Nicholas Mihaly to His Grace, Bishop Gregory for Ordination to the Order of Subdeacon.
Prayer of Ordination to Subdeacon
Subdeacon Nathaniel is vested by His Grace, Bishop Gregory in the Sticharion and Orarion.
Subdeacon Nathaniel washes the hands of Bishop Gregory.
Bishop Gregory places the towel on the head of the newly ordained Subdeacon.
Subdeacon Nathaniel is led to the Iconostasis to pray.
Subdeacon Nathaniel prays before the icon of the Saviour.
Subdeacon Nathaniel
Ordination Dcn. Nathanial Choma
Subdeacon Nathaniel prepares to wash Bishop Gregory's hands.
Subdeacon Nathaniel with His Grace, Bishop Gregory
Bishop Gregory with the members of the Choma Family.