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The Ordination of Daniel Vaskalis to the Holy Priesthood (10/18/15)

On Sunday October 18, 2015,
His Grace, Bishop Gregory made a pastoral visit to St. Michael Church in Freeland, Pennsylvania to ordain Deacon Daniel Vaskalis to the Holy Priesthood.

Posted photos, courtesy of Nicholas Worobey and Subdeacon Zachary Vaskalis, show scenes from the Ordination Liturgy.

View Ordination Video:
Bishop Gregory is presented with the gifts of bread and salt.
"You have entered O Archpriest..." His Grace enters the Church to lead the celebration of Divine Liturgy.
"Master, give the blessing!"
"Wisdom! Let us be attentive!" - The Small Entrance.
Deacon Daniel proclaims the Gospel.
The faithful present listen intently to His Grace Bishop Gregory 's homily on imitating the Love of God.
The Homily.
The Great Entrance
"May the Lord God remember all you Orthodox Christians in His Kingdom, always now and ever and forever."
"Command him O Holy Master!" Deacon Daniel is led to the ambon for ordination to the Holy Priesthood.
"The Holy Spirit will come upon him and the power of the Most High will overshadow him."
Deacon Daniel offers words of gratitude just prior to his ordination.
His Grace gives some pastoral guidance to Deacon Daniel.
Fr. Lawrence Barriger and Fr. Jonathan Tobias lead Deacon Daniel around the altar.
The Laying on of Hands
"The Grace Divine that fills that which is imperfect, ordains the most pious Deacon Daniel to the Holy Priesthood."
Fr. Daniel is presented with the Sticharion.
"Blessed is God, Who pours out His grace upon His Priests..." - Fr. Daniel is presented with the Epitrachelion.
"Your hands have made me and molded me; given me understanding, and I will learn Your Commandments." - Fr. Daniel is vested in the priestly cuffs.
"Blessed is God Who girds me with strength, and makes my way perfect." - Fr. Deacon is vested in the priestly zone.
"Let Your Priest be clothed with righteousness; and let Your Saints shout for joy, always, now and ever, and to the ages of ages. Amen." - Fr. Daniel is vested in the Phelonion.
AXIOS! The newly ordained Fr. Daniel Vaskalis
Fr. Daniel takes his place at the altar with his brother priests.
Fr. Daniel receives the precious Body of our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ.
The newly ordained priest Daniel receives the Precious Blood of our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ.
Fr. Daniel prays in High Place holding the Lamb of God.
Preparing the Gifts for the Communion of the faithful.
Fr. Daniel prepares the Holy Gifts for distribution to the faithful.
"Receive the Body of Christ, taste the Fountain of immortality. Alleluia."
Fr. Daniel chants the Amvon Prayer.
"May the blessing of the Lord be upon you..." - The final blessing of Liturgy.
Fr. Lawrence presents Fr. Daniel with a pectoral cross that was given to him by the late Metropolitan Nicholas.
Fr. Lawrence also presents Fr. Daniel with a hand-cross.
His Grace, Bishop Gregory with the newly ordained Fr. Daniel Vaskalis and concelebrating priests.
Bishop Gregory with Fr. Daniel and his family.
Fr. Daniel and Subdeacon Zack Vaskalis with their grandfather.
Vaskalis family
Fr. Daniel and Fr. Lawrence Barriger
His Grace, Bishop Gregory with the newly ordained Fr. Daniel Vaskalis
Bishop Gregory and the faithful of St. Michael's in Freeland, PA.