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Father William Bennett's Ordination To The Holy Priesthood (9/6/15)

On Sunday, September 6, 2015, Deacon William Bennett was ordained to the Holy Priesthood through the Laying-On-Of-Hands by His Grace Bishop Gregory of Nyssa.

The ordination took place at the 71st National Senior and 32nd National Junior ACRY Convention Liturgy at St. Michael's Church in Binghamton, NY, Fr. William's home parish.

Photos are courtesy of Mark Sudik and Nicholas Bocher.
Host Pastor, Protopresbyter James Dutko welcomes His Grace, Bishop Gregory to St. Michael's Church.
National Sr. ACRY President Amy Coffman offers the traditional gifts of bread and salt to Bishop Gregory.
The Plain Chanrt Congregational responses to the Ordination Liturgy were led by Camp Nazareth Staff and Campers.
Deacon William is led for Ordination to the Holy Priesthood by Fr. James Dutko and Deacon Charles Ellis (Deacon William's Grandfather)
Deacon William offered a few words of reflection as his Grandfather, Deacon Charles Ellis looks on.
" I ask your continued prayers and love as I begin my new vocation as priest."
Pani Ileana and members of Fr. William's Family.
The Laying-On of Hands
Deacon William making his profession of faith.
Preparing for Ordination.
"The Grace Divine, which fills that which is imperfect, ordains the most pious Deacon William to the Holy Priesthood...."
Axios! Fr. William is vested in the Sticharion.
Axios! Fr. William is presented with the Priestly Cuff.
AXIOS! The vesting of the new priest.
His Grace clothes Fr. William in the Priestly Phelonion.
Fr. William joins his brother priest in partaking of the Sacred Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ for the first time as a priest.
"Receive the Body of Christ - Fr. William communes his wife, Pani Ileana.
Bishop Gregory with co-celebrating Clergy and Altar Boys.
Bishop Gregory and Fr. William
His Grace Bishop Gregory with Fr. William and the members of his Family.