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2015 Central Regional Lenten Retreat (03/21/15)

On Saturday March 21, 2015 the Annual Central Regional Lenten Retreat took place at St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Homestead, PA.

The day began with the celebration of All Soul Saturday Divine Liturgy, and ended after several excellent presentations by His Grace, Bishop Gregory and the Rev. Fr. Matthew Stagon, with the celebration of Great Vespers.

Photos photos are courtesy of Stephen Fucsko Jr.
Fr. Michael Zak, the pastor of St. Nicholas Church commemorates the departed faithful of the parish during the All Soul Saturday Liturgy.
Bishop Gregory with Children at Lenten Breakfast

The faithful enjoying the Continental Breakfast.
Members of St. Nicholas ACRY Chapter 61 who prepared the food for the retreat
His Grace, Bishop Gregory spoke to the adults present on the topic: Confronting and Controlling our Thoughts.
His Grace spoke on the importance of guarding the Nous (the eye of the soul).
The faithful listen intently to Bishop Greogry.
Bishop Gregory engaged the faithful in discussion,
Fr. Matthew Stagon gave an interactive presentation to the children on the theme : Spin from Sin and Go to God: The Real Meaning of Repentance.
The children listened intently to Fr. Matthew.
A large group was in attendance this year at the 2015 Central Regional Lenten Retreat.