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2014 Family Day (June 1, 2014)

The 2014 Diocesan Family Day at Camp Nazareth was held on Sunday, June 1. Over 120 participants came to attend the Divine Liturgy and enjoy the festivities. This included nearly 40 people from the 2nd Annual Family Camp held that weekend at the Camp. View More Photos here: www.acrod.org/multimedia/photos/?collection_id=35102136-7...
The Church was adorned for Family Day
It has a beauty all its own
Before the Divine Liturgy
Beginning the Liturgy
His Grace at the time of the Little Entrance
His Grace celebrating with his priests
The chanting of the Gospel
Celebrating the Divine Liturgy together
His Grace giving a blessing
It was a beautiful Liturgy...the way to begin the Summer Season at Camp
The Great Entrance
During the Creed
Preparing for Communion
The Final Blessing
His Grace gives his sermon
His Grace during the sermon
It was a pleasure to hear him speak
it was profitable
Even he enjoyed it
...and so did his Diocesan Family
This was a beautiful picture
After the Divine Liturgy
With His Grace after Divine Liturgy
Praying before the Family Day meal
And then the Slip & Slide came out for Day 2
It was just as much fun...
...if not more...
....it seemed almost steeper...
...but that didn't stop anyone...
....from going down on their bellies...
...or their backs and sides...
....and just getting plane sudsy.
Friends at Family Day