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Nativity at Christ The Saviour Cathedral (1/6/14)

The Feast of the Nativity of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ was celebrated with great joy at Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Johnstown.

Presiding over the Nativity Divine Services was His Grace Bishop Gregory of Nyssa, who was assisted by Protopresbyter Robert Buczak, Cathedral Dean, Very Rev. Fr. John Brancho, Fr. Karl Kish and Protodeacons Gregory Benc and Emil Gulick.

Photos Courtesy of Nicholas Bocher.
Arrival of Bishop Gregory.
LItiya Procession during Christmas Eve Vigil.
Blessing of the loaves, wheat, wine and oil.
Cathedral choir prepares to sing Christmas Carols.
Ms Helen Spanovich, choir director.
The talented female singers.
The choir sings while Fr. Buczak looks on.
Fr. Robert prays before the icon of the Nativity.
Singing The troparion of the Nativity.
Bishop Gregory at the Episcopal Throne prior to the start of the Nativity Liturgy.
His Grace prays at the throne.
Preparing for the Great Entrance.
The Nicean Creed
The Holy Gifts.
Take and Eat... This is My Body Which is Broken For You, For the Remission of Sins..."
The Epiklesis
"The Hierarch Gregory receives the Precious Blood of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ..."
Bishop Gregory offers a few words at the conclusion of Divine Liturgy.
Bishop Gregory greeted each parishioner and offered the Antidoron at the conclusion of Divine Liturgy.