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2012 ACRY Convention- Sat Sept 1, 2012

The 68th Senior and 29th Junior ACRY Convention took place from August 31 - September 3, 2012 in Johnstown, PA.

Photos Courtesy of Nicholas Bocher
"We Who Mystically Represent...." - Saturday began with the celebration of Divine Liturgy.
The Great Entrance
The Responses to the Divine LIturgy were sung by Junior ACRY Members.
Receive the Body of Christ
Prayer at the Ambon
The Faithful at Divine Liturgy
Junior ACRY Advisor venerates the Cross.
Senior ACRY President Nick Dzubak Venerates the Cross
John Bilanin from Phoenixville Gives A Report On This Year's Bowling Tournament.
The Convention Floor - Sat AM
Junior ACRY Officers Gave A Presentation On Their Mission Trip to St. John the Compassionate Mission in Toronto
Slide Show About the Junior Mission Trip to Toronto