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Camp Nazareth Residence Addition Walls and Foundation

Construction Progress as of November 28, 2011
The first exterior wall goes up.
The first exterior wall awaits the second as Lee gets it ready.
The exterior walls did not take long to assemble.
The exterior walls are finished.
Looking out the future front door of the addition.
From the outside looking in.
There's a bathroom in there somewhere.
Interior walls begin to take shape.
The Loposky children pause for a photo op before planting the Cross in the basement.
A beautiful image of the Cross penetrating the darkness of the basement.
The stones were moved aside to place the Cross.
Jesus Christ is our refuge and the rock of our salvation.
The Loposky children planted a cross beneath the basement floor as a reminder that Christ is the foundation of every home.
Joshua looking in on things in the basement.
Pani Daria and Josh look down into the basement
A cool image of the ladder leading out of the basement and into the light.