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Camp Nazareth Residence Addition Block/Footer & Floor

Finishing up the block work.
Tarps needed to prevent the ground from caving in from the rain.
With the church in the background, a block worker surveys a job well done.
It was great to see the block work go so well.
Making sure the block work was done right.
The block work was done in just a few days.
Say hello to the fellas who did the block and footer work.
Each joist was a step closer to have a floor to walk on.
Inspector Joshua looks over Lee's work.
Lee getting ready to set a plate on the block.
Another view of the joists being set.
22 ounce hammer + several hundred nails+ sweat = a floor
The Church watches over every step of the project.
A little bit of hammer & nail work.
The floor begins to take shape.
Putting in the joists for the floor.