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Camp Nazareth Residence Addition- Excavation

The Camp Nazareth Residence Expansion project as of October 25, 2011.

The excavation of the new addition site has been completed.

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It took just 2 days for the excavating to get done.
Because the ground was soft from the rains, workers had to tear up the turf to bring trucks in and out.
Beginning the excavation.
When the equipment arrived it was like a Tonka Christmas for the Loposky children.
Doing the prep work for the dig.
Lots of dirt to haul away.
Putting the "finishing" touches on the dig.
A worker looks small in the 40 foot wide hole.
The dirt from the excavating will be used to level the large ball field at Camp.
Rains made the excavation a little muddy.
After excavating was complete.
The Loposky children thought they were getting a new swimming pool rather than an addition to the Camp residence.
Where once there were trees and grass, there's now a big hole in the ground.