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Columbus Day Weekend at Camp 2011

Faithful attend a working "retreat" at Camp over the long weekend
The front yard of the Camp residence after the trees were cut down.
Plenty of firewood at Camp for the foreseeable future.
Harold Harrington, from St. Michael's Church in Binghamton, NY, showcases his skills with a chainsaw
Sanding all 1500 sq. ft. of the Lodge porch.
Joshua Loposky takes a break from the rigors of the day.
Stephanie Betsa works on the cabin floors.
The whole group pauses for a pictures. From left to right: Samuel Loposky, Joshua Loposky, Fr. Stephen Loposky (Camp Administrator), Pani Daria Loposky, Nicholas Loposky, Stephanie Betsa, Wren Fisher-Theiss, RoseGreenawald, George Dahulich, Anna Loposky, Eleni Geanon, Harold Harrington, Dn. Jim Phifer and Rich Vislocky.
Deacon Jim Phifer, from Holy Ghost Parish in Phoenixville, PA, the organizer of the weekend "retreat" should have brought some knee pads.
George Dahulich of our Potomac, MD parish "cuts in" on the Lodge Porch.
The Loposky children helped rake the residence front yard.
Pani Daria Loposky sporting some Camp Nazareth apparel during the weekend.
Phillis Tarasovich, of St. Nicholas Church in Erie, PA, cleans the Staff Lodge kitchen.
Eleni and Rose, two of the "retreat" workers, pause for a photo shoot.
The buffet was always open for business.
Workers enjoy a much needed and deserved rest and meal together during the weekend.