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2009 National ACRY Convention - Sat Sept 5, 2009

The first full day of the 2009 National ACRY Convention began with the celebration of Divine Liturgy in the Hotel Chapel. The remainder of the day was spent in business meetings, workshops and following Vespers, the day ended with a delicious meal and enjoyable Trivia Night at St. Michael's Recreational Center.
National ACRY President Matt Peifer stands out side the hotel patio on Saturday Morning.
Very Rev. Protopresbyter Frank P. Miloro, offers the invocation at the opening of the Convention General Session.
Senior ACRY President, Matthew Peifer offers openning remarks during the opening session.
Junior ACRY President Alex Breno offers words of welcome at the opening of the 65th National Convention.
Delegates from Binghamton, NY.
Debbie Samilenko, National Financial Secretary answers a question from the Convention Floor.
Danielle Bartko makes a suggestion on the convention floor that the ACRY supports the work of the Three Holy Hierarchs Pan-Orthodox Elementary School in Pittsburgh, PA
A presentation was made on St. Nicholas Home for Children of Medzilaborce, Slovakia at the beginning of the Afternoon Session.
Three generations of Rusyns, the Kundrat and Korchak families speak about their experiences in the Rusyn community.
Mr. Michael Kundrat of Binghamton spoke about the humanitarian work our diocese has been involved in the Carpatho-Rusyn homeland.
St. Michael's Magnificient Church.
"O Lord, I have cried unto You Hear me..." Vespers at St. Michael's.
The kitchen staff at St. Michael's Recreation Center served a delicious meal following Vespers.
Eighteen Teams played the Trivia game, answering questions on a variety of topics from pop culture and history.
Some of the younger folks at the Saturday Evening Trivia Night.
Nick and Stacy
For extra points in the trivia game, these girls took part in a hula hoop contest.
Barbara and Matt were happy to smile for the camera.
The limbo was a favorite dance during a break in the trivia game.
The best costumes of Trivia night
Saturday Night Fever
Father James Dutko recognized couples who met at past ACRY conventions and later married.