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 About The Stewardship Campaign


Dear ACRY Members, Spiritual Advisors, Chapter Presidents and Members of our God-saved Diocese,

Glory be to Jesus Christ! 

"Then God said to Noah, ‘Go forth from the Ark.’ ”  Genesis 8: 25-16

This year and the previous years have been a challenging time for people around the world with the Coronavirus pandemic still present. This year's Camp Nazareth theme is a great incentive for us to come out of our physical and spiritual “arks” to help others inside and outside of this diocese. As we are approaching the Advent Season, the National ACRY is running its annual Stewardship Campaign.  This is the fourth year for the campaign and with all of your help it will be just as successful as the previous years. 

For those of you who are not familiar with the Stewardship Campaign, during the 2018 National ACRY Convention, it was decided that we would be replacing the individual chapter donations for the scholarship, publication, campership, etc. funds with one large fund drive campaign to take place during the Advent season.  Funds raised during this campaign will assist the ACRY in its philanthropic endeavors: providing scholarships for the young adults of our Diocese, hosting Lenten retreats, supporting Camp Nazareth, promotion of the Orthodox faith through missionary projects, aiding children with serious illness and special needs, and much more.

There have been many changes in the world since last year’s campaign and the need for philanthropic giving is more important now than ever.   It was decided by the National ACRY board, after reviewing a potential budget for the 2021-2022, that our goal for this year would be $10,000. We know that these are taxing times for many of our chapters and churches, but with the help of the Holy Spirit we will come through this stronger than ever.

On this webpage you have access to posters, resources, and links to support you in your individual efforts, including ideas on ways to raise funds for this Campaign.  There is also an active thermometer so you can see the current level of our fundraising.  

In addition to this webpage, we have an active account on Facebook under the group name “ACRY – American Carpatho-Russian Youth”.  If you have not yet become a member of this group, please do so now.  We hope that as chapters and churches fundraise for this year’s Campaign, that they will share photos in our Facebook group.

Click here for the ACRY Facebook Group

Attached are flyers that can be printed and hung on church message boards and included in Sunday bulletins to promote the Stewardship Campaign.

We hope that this year’s campaign will not only be successful, but will help reinvigorate chapters in doing the good works of the church.  We aim for this campaign to be the light that shines and shows the good things we can accomplish when we work together.  The National ACRY is truly the philanthropic arm of our Diocese and we are here to help on the journey out of the ark!

For more information, please contact Stephen Sudik, National ACRY Vice President at (703) 946-5985 or

Yours in Christ,

Stephen Sudik National ACRY
Vice-President and National                         ACRY Stewardship Campaign Committee







2022 Stewardship Campaign

fundraising thermometer
Update Thermometer
How Your Contributions Will Benefit Those in Need 

• Scholarship’s
• Camp Nazareth
• Ambassador Fund
• Lenten Retreat’s
• Youth Conferences

How Your Chapter/
Parish Can Help

Here are some ideas on fundraisers and events to help individual chapters raise money for this campaign:

• Christmas cookie or candy sale
• Special collecting during Divine Liturgy
• Hosting coffee social
• Work with employers to match chapter contributions
• Basket raffle, Chinese Auction, or 50/50
• Host a spaghetti dinner, breakfast, etc.
• Like and follow the campaign on the ACRY Facebook Page

Marketing Materials For Chapters and Parishes. 

Campaign Poster Full Color (jpg)
Campaign Poster(pdf)
Campaign Poster Half Color(pdf)
Campaign Poster B/W (pdf)
Vice President’s Letter(.pdf)

Making A Donation 

Individual and chapter donations for the Stewardship Campaign should be sent to:

Barbara Fitzgerald
National ACRY Financial Secretary
57 Grandview Drive
Woodland Park, NJ 07424

Checks should be made payable to National ACRY with Stewardship Campaign in the memo line.

Donations should be postmarked by February 15, 2022.


Please contact Stephen Sudik, National ACRY Vice President at (703) 946-5985 or with any questions regarding the National ACRY Stewardship Campaign.