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Thank you for your interest in supporting our 2018-2019 Stewardship Campaign.

At the most recent ACRY Convention held in Phoenxville, a proposal regarding the fundraising efforts of the National ACRY was voted on and passed on the Convention Floor. This proposal was discussed at length, and at this point, you have probably received a letter from His Grace, Metropolitan Gregory, issuing an appeal to not only all ACRY chapters, but also all churches in the Diocese to participate in this new effort of the Sr. ACRY.

This measure is meant to simplify the process of our Fundraising, and instead of allocating different months as a Fund Drive Month for a different cause (e.g. October as “Camp Fund”) our delegation has opted to combine all of our efforts into one Fund Drive, which will take place during Advent. Fund Drive donations are due to Financial Secretary Barbara Fitzgerald by February 10th. Once this February 10th deadline passes, additional funds that chapters wish to donate will of course still be accepted. However, it is important to note that this February 10th deadline will now stand as the deadline for Scholarship Donations (replacing the former July 1st donation deadline). This means that chapters must submit a Fund Drive donation by the February 10th deadline in order for any members of their chapter to be eligible for scholarships.

As per discussions at the convention, the newly installed National ACRY Board worked to decide upon how the received funds should be split up. Our financial officers diligently crunched numbers, and worked to find percentages that would help us meet our budgeted needs for the year. The breakdown in funding for the 2019 year is as follows:

Scholarship Fund: 60%
Camp Fund: 26%
Ambassador Fund: 7%
Blessing Fund: 0%
Lenten Retreat: 4%
Youth Conference Program: 3%

The last 4 of these funds (Ambassador, Blessing, Lenten, and Youth Conference) all have funding in them to spend to start off this year. This is why the board decided to allocate a smaller amount of funding to them. With the growth of Camp Nazareth in the past few years, along with the large amount of Scholarships the National ACRY gives out each year, it seemed to make the most sense to allocate the majority of our funding to these causes.

We ask for your assistance in helping to make this first Fund Drive a success. Any donations that your chapter makes to the Fund Drive will be divvyed up according to the breakdown above. We will be doing our best to keep all of our members aware of how we are progressing, and if we are meeting our budgeted goals for the year. Those of you who attended the National Convention know that there are many causes that the ACRY would like to contribute to, and organizations both within and outside the Diocese that we wish to support, but we can only do that if we are able to raise the funds to do so.

I thank you for your attention to this matter, and I hope you will not hesitate to reach out to myself, or to Vice President Aaron Zak if you have any questions about this matter. Please take advantage of the fliers that Aaron and his team have worked on and sent out to help promote this endeavor, and look out on the website and our social media accounts for additional materials and information throughout the duration of this project.

Yours in Christ,

Rachel Pribish
National Sr. ACRY President.


Letter from Metropolitan Gregory Endorsing The Appeal 
(PDF Format) 






Stewardship Campaign

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How Your Contributions Will 
Benefit Those in Need 

• Scholarship’s
• Camp Nazareth
• Ambassador Fund
• Lenten Retreat’s
• Youth Conferences


How Your Chapter/
Parish Can Help

Here are some ideas on fundraisers and events to help individual chapters raise money for this campaign:

Print and display Campaign Flyer 
• Christmas cookie or candy sale
• Special collecting during Divine Liturgy
• Hosting coffee social
• Work with employers to match chapter contributions
• Basket raffle, Chinese Auction, or 50/50
• Host a spaghetti dinner, breakfast, etc.
• Like and follow the campaign on the ACRY Facebook Page


Marketing Materials For Chapters and Parishes. 

Full Color Flyer (.pdf)
Low Color Flyer (.pdf)
President’s Letter (.pdf)
Metropolitan Gregory’s Letter (.pdf)


Making A Donation 

Individual and chapter donations for the Stewardship Campaign should be sent to:

Barbara Fitzgerald
National ACRY Financial Secretary
57 Grandview Drive
Woodland Park, NJ 07424

Checks should be made payable to National ACRY with Stewardship Campaign in the memo line.

Donations should be postmarked by February 10, 2019.



Please contact Aaron Zak, National ACRY Vice President, at (724) 910-9719 or with anyquestions regarding the National ACRY Stewardship Campaign.






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