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About The ACRY Ambassador

A leadership position known as the ACRY Ambassador has been created to generate a greater awareness of and interest in the ACRY within our diocese. This position also was created to provide recognition to an individual who has demonstrated a deep commitment to the Orthodox Faith through their unselfish philanthropic service to their Church, Community and Local /National ACRY.

The ACRY Ambassador is called upon to exemplify the ACRY'S commitment to service to others in the name of Christ through his/her participation in a charitable outreach and/or missionary projects on a local, national or global level, sponsored by the Orthodox Christian Fellowship (Real Break Program) the Orthodox Christian Mission Center (OCMC), Habitat for Humanity or other charitable agencies .

The Ambassador is also tasked with sharing the good news of the ACRY through speaking engagements at diocesan, parish and ACRY events, written reflections published in the Church Messenger and in the digital media and through personal contact with diocesan faithful of all ages.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Male or Female Ages 18 through 30.
  • Single or Married
  • Per Diocesan Chancery Members of Minor Clergy, Readers, Subdeacons may apply
  • Current dues-paying member of the National ACRY
  • Possesses a deep commitment to the Orthodox Faith, our Diocese and the ACRY


Require participation in the following venues during year of service based on the ambassador's talents, abilities and life situation:

    • ACRY – Assist with building up the ACRY by doing any or all of the following: Attend the Jr ACRY Encounter Weekend at Camp Nazareth and/or summer camping session to speak at and encourage the younger people to continue on in the SR ACRY; Visit local parishes and/or ACRY chapters to encourage establishing new/reinstating former chapters. Speak at Diocesan Camping SessionDiocesan - Attend his/her deanery's 3D Dinner (or dinner closest to where they are residing) to speak about the ACRY, Family Day, Pilgrimages or other diocesan events. Undertake or participate in a missionary/outreach project sponsored by an Diocesan/Orthodox Agency such as St. John the Compassionate Mission, the OCF Campus Ministry (Real Break Program) Orthodox Christian Mission Center OCMC (short term mission trips), or a national or local humanitarian agency, ie Habitat for Humanity etc.
    • Submit short news articles to The Church Messenger and Diocesan & ACRY websites for publication on the activities/projects he/she takes on to exemplify the ACRY'S commitment to charitable outreach and mission work.

  • Attend the ACRY Convention and give a presentation at Sr and Jr Business Sessions on the mission /charity work that he/she did. Arrange to have presentations video recorded and placed on ACRY website.

Term of office is two years . Ambassador may reapply and serve up to three consecutive terms.


    • Waived from paying national dues during their term of service (classified as honorary member)
    • Travel expenses would be reimbursed by the National ACRY for attendance at JR ACRY Encounter Weekend, chapter/parish visitations, Deanery 3D Dinner and other diocesan events.


  • Allowances for travel expenses for mission trips/ charity work would be determined by the ACRY Executive Board, based on a review of estimated expenses submitted prior to event and availability of funds budgeted for this purpose.Sunday evening dinner ticket for the ACRY Convention and Bowling Tournament would be complimentary

Application/Selection Process

    •  Those who meet the above stated eligibility requirements are invited to apply.


    • Candidates must submit completed application form , which includes a short essay and sealed letters of recommendation from their parish priest and an officer or member of their local ACRY chapter to the ACRY Ambassador Committee Chairperson by no later than August 1


    •  Incomplete applications, lacking letters of recommendation or other required documentation will not be accepted. If received well in advance of the deadline, every effort will be made to contact applicant to invite them to resubmit with all required documentation.


  • Upon reaching the deadline, the three person ACRY Ambassador committee will review all applications and make a decision which will be announced at the National ACRY Convention.All applicants are expected to attend the National ACRY Convention during which the selection of the ACRY Ambassador will be announced.

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