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In keeping with its mission as being an Orthodox Christian Family Fellowship, the ACRY offers many programs and activities designed to support and strengthen the Orthodox Christian Family.

In addition to hosting the Annual National ACRY Convention, which is held at various locations in the diocese on Labor Day Weekend, and the Metropolitan Orestes Memorial Bowling Tournament on Memorial Day Weekend,  the ACRY also hosts regional Lenten Retreats.

The ACRY, in recognizing the crucial need to strengthen our families in the Orthodox Christian Faith, actively supports  our diocesan ministries. Throughout its more the 70 years of existence, the ACRY has been an integral part of the American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese, working side by side with her diocesan Bishops and Metropolitans to preach the Good News of the  Orthodox Christian Faith. Through its publication fund, it has underwritten countless catechetical publications, and produces the annual diocesan directory,  the ACRY Annual. Recognizing the importance of the education of our youth,  the ACRY each year, recognizes a worthy Church School teacher who is exemplary in their vocation of teaching.  It also offers a variety of Scholarships for the further education of our youth.

Over the years the ACRY has raised a substantial amount of money in support of the ministries and institutions of the Diocese. Whenever there has been a new spiritual or material initiative in the diocese,  the  ACRY has been in the forefront.

The ACRY extends an open invitation to anyone who would like to participate in the events sponsored by the ACRY. If you are not a member,  why not  become one?  We would love to welcome you into the ACRY Family.


The National ACRY - Forever Forward and Heavenward


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Deadlines & Events

ACRY Annual Photos Deadline

Monday, October 31

ACRY Annual Advertisement Deadline

Tuesday, November 15

ACRY Stewardship Fund Drive

Tuesday, November 15 1:30 am

ACRY Membership Dues Deadline

Thursday, December 1

ACRY Individual of the Year Award

Monday, May 15

Sunday School Teacher of the Year Application Deadline

Monday, May 15

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