Niles ACRY Chapter Hosts Christmas Card Fundraiser For 2013 National ACRY Convention

  Niles, IL. .. It is difficult nowadays to find Christmas cards that reflect the true meaning of Christmas ... cards that celebrate the Birth of our Lord ... cards that help us share the truth that God gave His only begotten Son so that we could have Life Everlasting!

So, it is fortunate that the Niles, Illinois A.C.R.Y. (Chapter #68) is sponsoring a Christmas card fundraiser. A box of 25 assorted cards (with envelopes) feature the beautiful icons from Saint Michael's Church in Niles.  Click Here To View Large Image of Cards 

Donation is only $25 plus postage. Proceeds will be used to defray costs for the upcoming 2013 National A.C.R.Y. Convention (hosted by the Niles A.C.R.Y. Chapter).

To place your orders, please contact Jean Stinich by e-mail
or by telephone 708-415-6056. Thank you for your support of this fundraiser!

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